Wednesday, April 04, 2007

He yam what he yam and the DVD set drops 7/31



And this time it's being done right!!!!

I know Jerry Beck said nice things about the Warner Bros. Golden Collections which have been DVNR-ed to death and are not necessarily so great, but his estimation of the Popeye set sounds like he's genuinely thrilled about it. I'm hoping that this is not anywhere near like the abortion that was the Betty Boop DVDs, which again were DVNR-ed into sub-Korean Traceover mishmash.

FINALLY, the Fleischers get their propers. Hopefully this marks a new beginning at Warner Home Video...perhaps another try at the Boops might be in the cards? There's already scuttlebutt that a "Forbidden WB Cartoons" Golden Collection might be coming down the pike as well. The cover art for the Popeye set has a very important disclaimer: "Warning: these cartoons are not for children, but for adult cartoon fans." Perhaps Warner Home Video is finally taking the treasures in the WB film archives seriously, and giving them the serious treatment? I hope so, dammit.

And I hope there's advance copies at Comic-Con. That would be something fun to have to watch on the train trip back home.

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