Friday, August 31, 2007

Just woke up in Atlanta...looking forward to Dragon*Con!

Atlanta, 9:25 AM, Friday:

The drive up from Orlando was punctuated by lightning and thunder and rain. Fortunately, the little skate I was driving (a Pontiac PT Cruiser...yeah, I was surprised Thrifty gave me that instead of another compact car) handled fairly well.

The con on the Thursday night check-in was hopping. For the first time I had to park in a "satellite" parking facility, for $50 for the whole con. Yes, parking space is at a premium in Atlanta. So is internet time. Although one of my roommates paid for Internet access for the weekend, it's for her computer alone; I had to pay myself for this. Hyatt Atlanta, you should be ashamed of yourself, not only for being so freaking cheap by only allowing one computer/one user per Internet charge per room, but for not offering it for free to all people in your hotel in the first place!

Yes, I understand that at this con especially, the idiots into Warcraft and other heroin-like online games can't leave their damn game at home, clogging your network and filling it with viruses. But that's no reason to be so freaking cheap.

Today I will be going to the Animation/Anime track meet and greet, and will be giving my State of Animation panel. This year I have a few clips from the animation series of the last year to show to people. I'll have pictures, and hopefully a recording for future Cartoon Geek podcasts.

Wish me luck...I'm about to get breakfast.