Thursday, August 14, 2008

We need a whole 'nuther adjoining lot!

You've already heard our first Cartoon Geeks podcast. You downloaded it by clicking on a link just like this one. (Right click on a Windows PC, or option-click on a Mac, and choose "Save As..." to download the file.)

Cartoon Geeks Podcast, August, Part 1
Or you can listen right here if you've got Flash...

But we've just rolled up and parked a second cast - an even longer one - and it's one of our best! Here's the download link for that (instructions above):

Cartoon Geeks Podcast, August, Part 2

Or again, you can listen here if you have Flash.

This time, it's just Tom and Michelle, catching up on all the stuff that we and Donald Burr missed the first time! There's Wall-E, with Michelle's comprehensive list of all the Macintosh references hidden in the film. Two Batman shows, the animated Gotham Knight and the live-action The Dark Knight, get news. We cook up a serving of Kung Fu Panda, with steamed rice and special delicious sauce. Michelle tells about a great new theater in Los Angeles's Little Tokyo, and Tom can finally talk about his new role in a superhero radio show. We briefly talk about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and there's a little talk about Atlanta's upcoming Dragon*Con convention.

So, hitch up the trailer, be careful about hooking up to the power pole, get the water and waste lines connected, and settle in for our double-wide presentation!