Sunday, February 01, 2009

Conditional Santa Captive: Delivered Partial Podcast

We apologize for the delay, but unexpected events occurred. In the last days of the Bush Presidency, or given its importance it should be a lower case "presidency," our regular guest Conditional Santa was captured. See document at left.

However, we believe that he scattered pieces of the Cartoon Geeks podcast that was planned for December of this year. We have recovered part one of the podcast and are actively searching for the other parts. Apparently Tom and Michelle recorded this part, with Martin unavailable at this time. We believe Martin may appear in the later pieces. Here are the topics under discussion:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated film, and how Lucas really needs not to be so involved with his own films.

The South Park Indiana Jones incident. Did it "hate Hollywood" the same way that legitimate protest of the War in Iraq "hates America"?

Michelle's upset with The Dark Knight. Perhaps it belongs more to the Bush approach to dissent than anything else.

A sample of Tom's appearance in the Pendant Audio series Catwoman: The Queen of Thieves.

Cutback at NBC's Heroes: is the series in trouble?

The Iron Man deluxe DVD set.

Seta Sings the Blues and how it is improperly being ignored by Hollywood.

New feature: Michelle's technology review, and how the Macintosh is ending the FireWire interface in many of its lines; betraying the interface standard that Apple popularized.

Tom's talk about Dragon*Con, the commercial firm that took precedence over fan material, and the controversy that erupted in this blog over it.

To download the podcast, with a Windows computer, right-click on this line or the Homeland Security document above, and select "Save As..." from the pop-up menu. For Mac, option-click this line and choose "Save as..."

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