Friday, February 04, 2011

They're BAAAACK....

MTV made it official: Beavis and Butt-Head are back in production. From what I can piece together, Starz Animation, formerly Film Roman, is doing this with Mike Judge's Judgmental Productions.

I hope that they go for nostalgia instead of the urge to modernize. B&B were a creature of a more innocent era, the Clinton era. 9/11 hadn't happened. Presidential scandals were something we could "Huh huh huh" laugh at instead of mourn because they caused bloodshed overseas or destroy our economy. When Clinton lied, it was just about his ability to keep "Junior" in his pants. I want to see Quinn Morgendorffer and the Morgendorffer parents have to deal with Beavis and Butt-Head, rather than have the Morgendorffer family living far, far away from Highland, TX in Lawndale, (mumblemumble). I want to see Highland High again. Heck, I have a freaking fanfic that would have made an awesome B&B episode, where Daria becomes the "consumer reporter" for the Highland Howdy, and sets B&B to work testing infomercial products. Testing in their inimitable destructive way, of course. :-)

Seriously, guys. If you take B&B out of the '90s and out of High School, they'll wind up being Jay and Not-So-Silent-Bob work at Burger World. That is, if they still have that Burger World job...bleah. "Present day...Present time" is just too depressing. Leave B&B in the Clinton Era where they belong.

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