Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Treat should be coming soon!

The only question is, where will it come from?

While I was out visiting Michelle and her new, fabulous Macintosh laptop in California, we recorded about 45 minutes of Cartoon Geeks. Using the Mac program GarageBand, she can edit, add music open and close, and all the other effects. As I recall, among the things we discussed was Happy Feet, the immense numbers of donut shops in Burbank, and the amazing DVD finds we made in a used DVD store a stone's throw away from where she grew up.

However, I already have that old show I've been working on. It has 45 minutes of Michelle, Martin and I talking about all sorts of things. The delay has been that Martin's voice was distorted. I had to dub almost all his responses, which are all prefaced by me saying "Martin says that..." As awkward as that is, there's also some amazing audio clips - included in the first podcast appearance of Conditional Santa!

Our regular posting place,, is beset with problems since our ISP,, went to a higher security level. While I fully accept that - we had to erase our user forum there because some bastardly little hacker wrecked it - it's made everything we've done on inaccessible. We're trying to work with them to restore it. In the meantime, I think we'll post here, and possibly redirect to this place temporarily.

(By the way, despite the problems, has expanded our available space, so we can post both those Cartoon Geek casts simultaneously! The only question is who will post first.)

Should have one or the other or both up in a few days, folks!