Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Cartoon Geeks L.A. Episode

Here it is at last! For Windows, right-click on this line and choose "Save As..." to save the file on your computer. For Macintosh, click and hold on this line, and when the dialog box comes up, choose "Save As..."

Christopher Noxon, getting Rejuvenile at Castle Park's 18th Hole

Photo: Michelle Klein-Hass

Michelle and Tom talk about his visit to Warner Brothers Studio (a genuine studio tour, not a mocked-up imitation). We view and discuss Star Trek: The Animated Series, and how it should serve as an inspiration for better dramatic animation on TV. Michelle talks about the book Rejuvenile with its author Christopher Noxon, who discusses the growing trend of adults to engage in entertainment and activity which used to be considered "kid stuff." And a review of the animated films up for the Annies and Oscars this year.

Note: this is the first time we've recorded using Michelle's mighty Mac with GarageBand 3.0. As mentioned, it's not the only way to create a podcast and record audio, but it is a beautiful, elegant solution with amazing abilities. I don't know any product for Windows, commercial or otherwise, that combines all this capacity and versatility in a single application. (Hint, hint...maybe those German elves at Goldwave should go back to their software cobbling benches...)

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