Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Recording November podcast tonight...

...it might wind up out in early December, and the themes for tonights discussion will probably run towards the festive. But we're doing it. We're getting closer to our goal of putting out a podcast a month. Maybe next year we'll get everything down pat for a more reliable schedule.

I will be likely talking about stuff like Bee Movie, the WGA strike, finally seeing Ratatouille, and what interests me this holiday season. I know that both Tom and Martin saw Enchanted, so they will likely air their views about it. And I know I will be pushing people to GO SEE PERSEPOLIS when it's out for a typical Sony Pictures "lick and a promise" release. I know that I have been telling people to boycott MPAA movies, but Persepolis is a foreign film and not a part of any WGA agreement. Prove me wrong when I say "it won't play in Peoria!" Prove me wrong! This is a great movie that deserves to be seen with an open mind and an open heart. Yes, it's about Iran and Iranians, some of them Iranian "commies." But it's great. Trust me.

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