Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar winners and a CG note...

Much as I was rooting for Persepolis, and also as much as I liked Surf's Up, was there ever any doubt that Ratatouille, that wonderful story about a rodent gourmet chef, was going to win the best animated feature award? Year of the Rat indeed. Gong hay fa choy.

The animated short statuette went to Peter And The Wolf. Again, tremendous disconnect between Annies and Oscars on this one. Both How To Hook Up Your Home Theatre System and Your Friend, The Rat got robbed of the honor of being nominated, which bit the big one. Maybe I would have liked this crop if I would have gotten a chance to see 'em.

Also, the three songs in the running from Enchanted got cancelled out by a song from the live action movie Once.

So thus ends the frantic award season.

The next Cartoon Geeks podcast should be up in a few days, and we'll be recording another one fairly soon after. Meanwhile, try the fruit and cheese plate, it's excellent.

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