Saturday, August 30, 2008

Draggin' at Dragon*Con 2008

Sorry, no pictures this time...maybe tomorrow. I was horribly busy the first day of Dragon*Con here in Atlanta. I had four panels the first much as I've ever done for some complete Dragon*Con years.

Worse, because my own laptop is handicapped with a broken screen, I decided to let my friend Deb Canady loan me hers. Bad mistake. The PCMCIA wireless card I bought her (a Belkin from Wal*Mart, just so you know) didn't pick up anything. Eventually, I found an office supply store (after driving across half of Atlanta) and found a USB dongle thingy that finally let me access the Internet reliably. It was a Linksys, by the way. So my free Internet access is costing me $50.

Anyway, I appeared at the Introduction to the Animation Track. There were a lot of people there. The second panel, Year in Review, was mostly a freeform talk. I had someone with me on the panel that was either intensely shy or had never spoken before.

Far better was my third panel, with my track supervisor Jessica Merriman. It was "Batman: An Animated History." I made up a DVD with clips of various Batman renditions over the years. It was a true crowd pleaser; the room was jammed. Batman still has meaning for lots of fans, and the panel was a crowd pleaser.

I only hope the same is true of my Sunday panel, Pre-Sweetened Playhouse.

Anyway, I have nothing scheduled today, so I may play journalist and take lots of pictures to be posted here. I think this will be a fairly good convention, even though I'm working my tail off. Look for my next post, probably sometime tonight.