Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We finally leave the Flintstones behind!

We've gotten better clothes than animal skins (we don't need PETA throwing blood on us). We guys don't have to wear these itchy beards. And we don't have to make cars move with our feet, unless gas prices hit $4 a gallon. Translation: this is the best-sounding, best-working Cartoon Geeks episode yet!

This time, we discuss the Annies and the Oscars. See how well our predictions worked. We also discuss what's happened to Spider-Man and the One More Day/Brand New Day business, the way that the amazing animated film Persepolis is being treated badly by its distributor, the exciting new way that Apple is breaking the conventional wisdom about cable and DVD rental, and other amazing things.

And we're going to try to turn around these podcasts faster. If our lives and the fates permit. For now, though, enjoy the great new sound of the Cartoon Geeks.

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