Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MTV rebirthed the video star: now how about mtvanimation.com?

OK, MTV has finally gone back to its roots, albeit on the Web instead of on your cable box. I suppose this may have been the reason why MTV Networks' parent company Viacom went on its seek-and-destroy mission on YouTube: they were getting ready to launch mtvmusic.com.

Now that MTV has done this, maybe the next step is to allow people to watch their original animated TV shows online too. When MTV was still making animation, they made some pretty forward-thinking series. Liquid Television, Aeon Flux, MTV's Downtown, MTV Oddities: The Maxx, Daria and even the show that spawned Daria, Beavis & Butthead was light-years ahead of anything outside of the festival circuit. Even their flameouts, like The Brothers Grunt and Spy Groove, had some unique elements and were certainly more imaginative than major network attempts at animation for adults.

Please, MTV. Now that you have mtvmusic.com up and running, please consider mtvanimation.com too. You'll have an audience, I guarantee it.

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