Saturday, October 29, 2005

In transition...

OK, so things have started a bit slower than we had hoped. Nevertheless, there will be some big announcements here in a few weeks as we look towards 2006. There'll be some changes coming. Big ones. Hopefully good ones.

We're still working on the podcast. Technical difficulties and our geographic distance (I'm in SoCal, Tom's in Florida, Dr. Toon's in the Midwest) have meant coming up with novel solutions to the geographical and technical problems.

I've got some interesting interviews that I will be recording soon. One of the creators of an animation phenomenon will be speaking to us, and you'll be hearing a side of him few outside his circle of friends hear. I'll be covering the second annual Anime Los Angeles con in a way we've never covered a con before. And I have some articles that will be coming up on our sister site, ToonMag.Com.

It seems fitting that as the leaves turn and the seasons change and we turn our clocks back, change is coming. We'll keep you posted.