Monday, January 09, 2006

Almost ready to roll...

Yeah, I know this is getting silly already, and there are a lot of other animation-related podcasts out there, but this really is going to be worth the wait.

Oh yeah: we're going to host the files at Archive.Org, because you can't beat free. All three of us are going to have to pow-wow to figure out which Creative Commons license we'll be releasing the podcasts under.

I'm hoping we'll be doing some tests within the week. Unfortunately Dr. Toon can't use Skype because he's still on dialup, so Tom has built a phone interface so he can join the fray from Plain Old Telephone Service. Hopefully the mix will work.

Our first featured interview will be with Jon Hooper, creator of Hexley the Platypus, the mascot for the Open Source Layer of Mac OS X. He's worked with some amazing folks in his animation and digital FX career. He also signed my iBook! Yes!