Monday, October 11, 2010

Right Wing Radio Duck...right on!

A gent named Jonathan McIntosh, working from his web site Rebellious Pixels, produced what some would call a "mashup," but is really an ingenious re-editing of various Donald Duck cartoons. It shows Donald losing his job and falling under the sway of Glenn Beck.

Yes, Beck replied to it. Of course, it's the Government paying this artist to attack Beck, because Beck is telling the truth about the Evil Negro President. And another animator/editor put Beck's reply into a Mickey Mouse cartoon...

Not enough people are mocking Beck, or Limbaugh, or Palin, or any of the Teabaggers. And isn't it interesting that Beck couldn't find anyone sophisticated enough to use computers to do his own mockery? Probably because Beck's listeners are in parts of the country where the only computers are TRS-80's.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

K-On! The final scene...done with Figmas.

are itty bitty doll-like figures that are fully articulated in spite of their ultra-chibi size. They are known for being uber breakable because of their teeny tiny Obitsus or Volks Dollfie Dreams these. This is just wonderfully done. Next time, the person who did this should invest in continuous video lights or flash systems to keep lighting uniform. The lighting variation and the flicker introduced are just a wee bit distracting. It's just picking nits though...this is wonderful. Robot Chicken, anyone?

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