Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just finished Annie voting...

...and this time I wasn't given any technical categories, just best features, best tv show, best tv show for kids, best commercial, best home video release and best short. Too bad, because I had definite ideas about some of the technical categories and who did and did not deserve Annie love. And as far as the kidvid category...I couldn't find anything to vote affirmatively for so I just didn't vote at all in that category. Then again, this meant that voting the Annie ballot wasn't the endurance contest it had been last time. I am still unhappy that Ed Asner is not up for best voice actor, because his was an example of real acting that you normally don't see in American animation. I still wish Ponyo had been up for best picture. But I voted for what I considered the best of what was there. I did my duty. I earned my screeners for the year. Hoo-yah.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

UP for the win at Golden Globes!!!

The miraculously wonderful Pixar movie Up won Best Animated Feature, and Michael Giacchino won Best Score for his score for Up as well. That's it for now.