Thursday, November 13, 2008

Au revoir, mon ami Emru...

Emru Townsend died on what Canadians call Remembrance Day. 11/11/2008.

My thoughts when I saw the news on Cartoon Brew just now? "My god, no...."

And then I wrote this. I don't know if it will show up on CB because they moderate comments and sometimes when there are a lot of comments some don't go through. I put this here too, because it had to be said.

Blood cancers are hideous, insidious diseases. One, Multiple Myeloma, took my beloved Richie Hass away. AML, the type of Leukemia Emru had, also robbed me of another good friend who was one of Richie's bandmates.

I had Chronic Fatigue, so I can't do what I would want to do and make sure I was on a marrow donor list. CFIDS also disqualifies you from giving blood.

And in Emru's case, it wasn't for lack of health care. He was in CANADA and had a sane health care system.

Folks...we need to band together and do whatever we can to keep the research going against the Leukemias, against the Lymphomas, and against Multiple Myeloma. We need to find the cures for these cruel diseases. Do it for Emru. Do it for that little kid who's dying of Leukemia but whose final wish is launching food drives for the homeless and hungry all over the US. Do it so that nobody else like Emru or Richie is taken from us by a ravening beast from within.

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