Friday, June 23, 2006

Cartoon Geeks: Episode 1 on the way

We recorded on Wednesday night, and the results were excellent. Surprise: Dr. Toon was able to make it! It was a really good session although a little bit snakebit technically. We recovered, however, and we finished the show. Rawk! We promise lots of geeky goodness when the copious amount of editing that is needed is finished. Our featured interview is with Steve Worth, who was also featured yesterday in the LA Times' CalendarLive! section. If you are ever visiting Los Angeles, you must not forget to visit ASIFA-Hollywood's Animation Archive.

Keep checking here for Episode 1! w00t!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Going to finally record soon...

Yeah, for a monthly podcast we sure take our sweet time with it. We should be recording pretty soon. I want to get one out before Comic-Con and one after Comic-Con.

I did an interview with Steve Worth, the director of ASIFA-Hollywood's Animation Archive yesterday. I'm going to go back there next week to get some video and still pictures. I managed to sneak a pic of a vintage Fleischer model sheet...for BETTY BOOP!!! Too kewl.

Anyway...keep on checking the space for notice about the next podcast.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Geekapalooza in LA!!!

An event to remember for all folks who love cartoons, comics and Rock N' Roll!

Saturday! Saturday!! SATURDAY!!!!

Join Jim Smith and Freehead, John K., Frank Forte, Robert Rhine of "Satan's 3 Ring Circus of Hell," animation historian Steve Worth, and possibly even Slash (Yes! that Slash!) for the first annual Geekapalooza at world-famous Taix Restaurant's Taix Lounge!

Taix Restaurant is at 1911 Sunset Blvd. in fashionable Echo Park!

Signings will begin at 4pm, music will begin at 10pm!

NO COVER CHARGE but the food is so good and the drinks are nice and strong, so why not eat, drink and be merry with the elite of comics and animation!

Face front, true believers!